The Correlation Between Students’ Motivation in Learning English and Their Reading Comprehension at ninth Grade of MTS Al-Kautsar Depok


  • Sulistianing Sasih STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Vera Yulia Harmayanthi STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Herlina Herlina STKIP Kusuma Negara


correlations research, motivation learning, reading comprehension


This research have target to get empirical data and valid fact also can be trusted by concerning whether there is correlation between students’ motivation in learning English and their reading comprehension at the ninth grade students of MTS Al-Kautsar Depok. Method of this research is survey method with correlation approach. In this research, the population is all students from ten to twelve grade with total of 1160 and the sample taken 38 students from ninth grade. For technique of collecting data the researcher have two instrument. First is questionnaire to identified the students’ motivation in learning English. Second is reading test to identified students’ reading comprehension. The results were accepted based on the data. The tvalue of the t-test is 5.907, while the ttable is 1.725 with a significant standard of 0.05. Because rcount=0.434 is greater than rtable=0.320, it means that no hypothesis rejected and the alternative hypothesis is accepted. So, the researchers concluded that there was a positive relationship between students' motivation to learn English and their reading comprehension in class IX MTS Al-Kautsar Depok. The importance of this factor can be seen from the contribution of motivation to learn English to students' reading comprehension by 47%.