Journal title : Journal of Instructional Mathematics
Language : English (preferred), Bahasa
Frequency : 2 issues per year, May and November
First Published : 2020 (Online)
DOI : prefix 10.37640
ISSN : 2722-2179
Editor-in-chief : Nurimani
Publisher : Mathematics Education Program at STKIP Kusuma Negara

Journal of Instructional Mathematics (JIM) is a multi-disciplinary national academic publication with internet access followed by peers qualified to disseminate state of the art knowledge in education, teaching development, instructional projects and inventions, learning methodologies and new technologies in the field of education. Google Scholar and Crossref are currently indexing this journal. 

JIM is a scientific journal containing and disseminating research findings, in-depth study, and innovative ideas in the field of education. Teacher and lecturer innovation in educational sector development can make a positive contribution to schools and educational institutions. JIM is published periodically (twice a year in May and November) by Research and Community Services in STKIP Kusuma Negara Jakarta, with a total of 5 articles published every time (10 articles annually). The scope of this journal is: 1) Learning Model and Approach, (2) Curriculum, (3) Assessment and Evaluation, (4) Ethnomathematics, (5) Didactical Design Research, (6) Technology-Assisted Learning.